family use farm machine of maize sheller machine

Description of maize sheller

Maize sheller is consist of frame,hopper,roller and discharging mouth.

2.Feed dried corn cob into roller room through hopper, then it to be rotating,friction,extrusion and propulsion, to be shelling.

3.Decade-long product service life and stable performance.

4.“Cooperation for mutual benefits”, and sincerely provide you with high quality products and reasonable price.

Main Features of maize sheller:

1. The maize threshing machine adopts four shaft structure for medium-sized sheller, reasonable feed entrance design, so our farmers can use shovel to feeding directly .

2.Shelling draft of the maize sheller  is far from feeding mouth, and was protected by shield strictly, no leak, not easily risk, more safe and reliable.

3.The maize thresher adopts an advanced skinning design, pure rate is high, broken core less.the less rate can be less than 2%

4.Less input, resulting high, it becomes rich helper.

Feature of maize sheller

1.Corn shellers has two different type: with two functions, shelling ,threshing corn.
2.Especially the
corn thresher machine has both functions of peeling and threshing. 
3.with high efficiency, makes all kinds of dynamic machines together, 
including tractors, gasoline engine, motor, and the diesel engine and plow machine.



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we are a trustable and a few years manufacturer of corn peeler,corn thresher for peeling and threshing corns,and corn seed planter like precision corn seed planting machine,self-walking seeder machine and manual corn seeding machine

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