corn peeling machine of corn processing machinery with wide usage

1. Corn peeling machine, belongs to corn processing machinery.
2. the corn peeling machine mainly include the fuselage, the body of the
corn peeler has a feed port, power seat and body connection, the electrical installation in the power seat, driving shaft installed in the bearing housing, active connections with the motor shaft through the belt, active shaft set Well ah bar and a spiral screw, gear and shaft axis through the match, several sets of rubber wheels with raised in the shaft.
3. Axis with the active bar and Well ah screw nails, with more rubber on the wheel shaft, drive shaft axis and each other, stripping device can even put the machine has entered the ear of corn, assigned to the relative rotation of two pairs The peeling axis of the
corn peeler machine
and its rotation in the case of corn, and succeeded in moving forward in the road, was a special peeling claw ripped husk, and in an instant to be rolling axis of rotation to the drop-down living husk, The purpose of the completion of stripping. 

  • 1. This machine is a fresh sweet corn peeling machine and the propriety of threshing could be adjusted.
  • 2. Reasonable structure: stainless steel with moveable wheels and the exit parts have the fan to blow out the waste.
  • 3. Wide usage: the corn sheller works according to the size of the corns, and the threshing rate is 100%.
  • 4.The cutting depth is adjustable, matching to the request of the food processing factory.
  • 5.Sweet corn peeling machine is suitable for sweet corn processing enterprise, sweet corn kernels canned line, food joint enterprise and sweet corn in the early period of the deep processing.



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