1000kg/h production corn sheller with electricity or diesel engine

1000kg/h production corn sheller with electricity or diesel engine can shell skin after completely,replace the part of tearing rotor(4 axis),and put on the threshing rotor can be threshing, do not change the motor. the corn thresher can save effort, provincial strength, convenience, reliability with power small and low energy consumption;the corn threshing machine also has featured advantages of less maintenance costs, high efficiency, not only free from the heavy manual labor for persons, but also it is a good helper to agricultural operations and ideal working tools for households to obtain income.The machine has two functions, peeling and threshing corn maize.the corn thresher for home use is mainly applies to shell and thresh the fresh sweet corn and waxy corn quickly. the corn sheller is used for threshed the grain form all kinds of fresh, sweet and sticky corn, the corn sheller is also suitable for the freezing and defreezing corn.

featured advantages of corn sheller
1, the corn sheller has high output, now life rhythm is fast, people's time is precious, receive tens of thousands of pounds on corn threshing machine with large will be able to play a few hours; Even with a few days, if using the original 10 days, maybe even on a few relatives and friends to help, please just eat a spending, so big corn sheller is very popular with farmers.
2,the corn sheller has high economic benefit, according to a lot of collect food boss, with a large economic benefit of corn thresher is very high, now pull corn on the cob to collect grain farmers themselves to sell or to go to play there, some places charge handling fees; Some places do not charge handling fees, as long as the corn cob. More importantly no families to corn, so large corn sheller are very popular with businesses.

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