2014 newly designed corn sheller machine for farmers use to process maize

this corn sheller machine is a kind of multi-functional machine.the corn thresher can peel the skin and remove corn kernels from the cob without breaking kernels.It is high frequency and can be connected with kinds of tractor,electricity motor and diesel engine motor.which can be connected with motors both one-phase and three-phase.
features of corn sheller
1. The top quality high technology corn thresher is mainly used for shelling the corn kernels from the corn ears after corn harvest. 
2. The corn threshing machine consists of a rack, chassis, roll axis and a network of protection.
3. The corn sheller can be favorable to the rush in the harvest season , saving labor costs and improving harvest efficiency. 
4. The main working parts of the corn sheller is installed on the machine rotor, through the rotor and the drum hit and threshing. It is more widely used types of threshing equipment.
5. The product structure is compact; Body small; The noise is small;
6. it is convenient disassembly, small floor space, quality assurance, easy to transport, the price preferential benefit.
7. the machine is much safe and reliable, family lighting power can work.

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