Kenya farm land use corn planter machine for seeding corn,soybean

the corn planter can be used in sowing corn ,soybean, peanut , and can the fertilizer and seed at one 
operation. Corn seeder , spreader , fertilizer spreader. 
This series of corn fertilizing and sowing planter can be mounted with 18-100hp tractor . the corn planting machine is Applicable to the plains and hilly areas of wheat and maize seed and fertilizer.It has advantages of favourable universality,wide range of applying,even seeding and so on.
what features of corn planter?
 1. the
maize corn planting machine is Adopt picker finger seed drill metering precision, sowing fast and accurate. Especially the different size of seeds.
2. the corn planter machine can plant corn or soybean by replacing the seeding plate.
3. the corn seed planter machine is convenience to change the sprockets by adopting double pitch chain , working reliable, tight and elastic tension.
4. Enhance the strength of disc opener and improve the hermetically sealed structure. working reliable and longer lifetime. 

4 row planter 3 row corn seeding machine 


Zimbabwei farmer use corn threshing machine at home

 This corn threshing machine consists of a single-phase four motor power input spindle assembly through a gear transmission, driving the tore skin Room, the relative rotation of two pairs of steel to tear the skin chamber tear roller adjust the rocker arm bearing adjustment screw by a spring pressure, the two pairs of tear roller close contact, cluster into the tearing room, steel and tear on the roller tearing claw nail shell bract, the relative rotation of two pairs of roller bract rolling the housing, cover and the cover above to get the rubber adjustment board in the rotation to suppress ear, rely on two rollers rotating force and the pressure of the spring opened bract, so with the cluster separation, to tear the skin.
corn sheller has two different type: with two functions, shelling ,threshing corn.
2.the corn threshing machine Especially has both functions of peeling and threshing. 
corn thresher machine has high efficiency, makes all kinds of dynamic machines together, 
including tractors, gasoline engine, motor, and the diesel engine and plow machine.
4.Two main performance:
2) threshing 
5.the corn threshing machine is Energy-saving, time-saving, safety and stable working. 

maize shucking machinecorn peeler and thresher
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we are a trustable and a few years manufacturer of corn peeler,corn thresher for peeling and threshing corns,and corn seed planter like precision corn seed planting machine,self-walking seeder machine and manual corn seeding machine

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