electric driven corn sheller machine saving time and labor

the corn sheller is widely applied in the livestock breeding, small farm, small feeds producing company, grain and cooking oil processing factory, wind plant, chemical plant, pharmaceutical factory, and so on.the corn thresher has Novel structure, compact, durable, easy to use adjustment, the small space occupied, high output, saving time and labor, can finish threshing, winnowing, screening retest operations. Low crushing machine, clean high-effective and praised by users

Features of corn sheller

1. The operation is simple

2.the corn sheller machine has high rate of clean

3. broken rate is low

4. the corn sheller machine operation is safe and reliable, family lighting power can work


corn threshing machine is multi usage can peel, can threshing. Type B high efficiency, and to all kinds of machine is linked together, including tractors, gasoline engine, motor, and the 
diesel engine and plow 

6. This electric corn shelling machine

 has two big performance: one kind is can peeling, one kind is 
can threshing,
twice finished. After the skin, tear ripped skin part of the rotor four
shaft standards. Change into threshing 
rotor,need not change can not only threshing motor, effort. convenient, safe,

reliable, and power, energy consumption is low, small work efficiency. Net rate is more 
than 95% off, broken rate is less than 2%.

what exactly is a corn peeling machine and features?

what exactly is a corn peeling machine? the corn peeling machine a kind of gear with specific use, which can peel the corn skin after the corn harvest. We haven't only corn peeling machine, but also supply you corn threshing machine, multifunctional corn peeler and so on.then how exactly does such a corn peeling machine perform? The basic operational theory associated with the equipment is always that it could perfectly different the corn from its husk with all the cooperation in between driving shaft transmission shaft. 

what are the dos and additionally don'ts for use for corn peeling machine? 1st, before starting the corn peeling machine, you may need to make sure that basic safety products have been set. Secondly, the operating site should be roomy sufficient,what is more, you will need to guarantee the air flow program functions nicely in the event connected with hearth. 3rd, you are prohibited feed any difficult particles to the 
corn sheller Machine, which can cause the harm about the peeling machine

features of corn peeling machine
1.Easy operation
2.Low breaking rate
3.Shell corn leaves and corn seeds only work once
4.Efficiency: 5000kg/h
5. Weight: 75kg
7 Adopts four shaft structure for medium-sized sheller     

8. Shelling draft is far from feeding mouth, and was protected by shield strictly,

    no leak, not easily risk, more safe and reliable

9. Adopt advanced skinning design, pure rate is high,  less broken core  


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we are a trustable and a few years manufacturer of corn peeler,corn thresher for peeling and threshing corns,and corn seed planter like precision corn seed planting machine,self-walking seeder machine and manual corn seeding machine

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