corn peeling machine of corn processing machinery with wide usage

1. Corn peeling machine, belongs to corn processing machinery.
2. the corn peeling machine mainly include the fuselage, the body of the
corn peeler has a feed port, power seat and body connection, the electrical installation in the power seat, driving shaft installed in the bearing housing, active connections with the motor shaft through the belt, active shaft set Well ah bar and a spiral screw, gear and shaft axis through the match, several sets of rubber wheels with raised in the shaft.
3. Axis with the active bar and Well ah screw nails, with more rubber on the wheel shaft, drive shaft axis and each other, stripping device can even put the machine has entered the ear of corn, assigned to the relative rotation of two pairs The peeling axis of the
corn peeler machine
and its rotation in the case of corn, and succeeded in moving forward in the road, was a special peeling claw ripped husk, and in an instant to be rolling axis of rotation to the drop-down living husk, The purpose of the completion of stripping. 

  • 1. This machine is a fresh sweet corn peeling machine and the propriety of threshing could be adjusted.
  • 2. Reasonable structure: stainless steel with moveable wheels and the exit parts have the fan to blow out the waste.
  • 3. Wide usage: the corn sheller works according to the size of the corns, and the threshing rate is 100%.
  • 4.The cutting depth is adjustable, matching to the request of the food processing factory.
  • 5.Sweet corn peeling machine is suitable for sweet corn processing enterprise, sweet corn kernels canned line, food joint enterprise and sweet corn in the early period of the deep processing.

1000kg/h production corn sheller with electricity or diesel engine

1000kg/h production corn sheller with electricity or diesel engine can shell skin after completely,replace the part of tearing rotor(4 axis),and put on the threshing rotor can be threshing, do not change the motor. the corn thresher can save effort, provincial strength, convenience, reliability with power small and low energy consumption;the corn threshing machine also has featured advantages of less maintenance costs, high efficiency, not only free from the heavy manual labor for persons, but also it is a good helper to agricultural operations and ideal working tools for households to obtain income.The machine has two functions, peeling and threshing corn maize.the corn thresher for home use is mainly applies to shell and thresh the fresh sweet corn and waxy corn quickly. the corn sheller is used for threshed the grain form all kinds of fresh, sweet and sticky corn, the corn sheller is also suitable for the freezing and defreezing corn.

featured advantages of corn sheller
1, the corn sheller has high output, now life rhythm is fast, people's time is precious, receive tens of thousands of pounds on corn threshing machine with large will be able to play a few hours; Even with a few days, if using the original 10 days, maybe even on a few relatives and friends to help, please just eat a spending, so big corn sheller is very popular with farmers.
2,the corn sheller has high economic benefit, according to a lot of collect food boss, with a large economic benefit of corn thresher is very high, now pull corn on the cob to collect grain farmers themselves to sell or to go to play there, some places charge handling fees; Some places do not charge handling fees, as long as the corn cob. More importantly no families to corn, so large corn sheller are very popular with businesses.

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electric multifunctional corn peeling machine and thresher for home use

corn peeling machine and thresher intergrated in one machine which can peel and thresh corns at same time which has high effect which can save labor and very fast peeling and threshing. the corn sheller has advantages of easy operating, no broken niblet after peeling and threshing, labor saving ,time saving, efficient.the tear above is produced of the most advanced natural rubber,riveting system,high wear is good quality,threshing part is of thrown hammer,not only fast,but also greatly reduces the broken rate..the corn peeler is more advanced than old type. Which can solve the farmers's problems.this kind of corn sheller is today the most simple and economical form of new models. the corn threshing machine has low power consumption, easy operation and maintenance, saving time, safe and reliable. Specialized households in rural areas are currently the most ideal of a new model. the sheller machine to process corn belongs to a machine with two functions, then peeling, replace movement but also threshing.

Structure and working principle

1 Structure: The corn peeling machine has the feed hopper, off barrel, drum, racks, skateboards, motors and other components.
2 works: corn on the cob through the hopper into the barrel off by high-speed rotation of the drum off the barrel with the impact and friction spike tooth under the core particles and separated from the corn kernels off the bottom hole into the slide tube slide down the corn cob from the right end of the discharge tube off, according to the size of corn varieties and corn on the cob and off the net rate case can be adjusted corncob export clearance.

Feature of corn sheller :

This corn peeling machine and thresher has two big performance: one kind is peeling, the other one is threshing. After the skin, tear ripped skin part of the rotor four shaft standards. Change into threshing rotor.

it is Convenient, safe, reliable, and power, energy consumption is low, small work efficiency.

Net rate is more than 98% off, broken rate is less than 2%.


2014 newly designed corn sheller machine for farmers use to process maize

this corn sheller machine is a kind of multi-functional machine.the corn thresher can peel the skin and remove corn kernels from the cob without breaking kernels.It is high frequency and can be connected with kinds of tractor,electricity motor and diesel engine motor.which can be connected with motors both one-phase and three-phase.
features of corn sheller
1. The top quality high technology corn thresher is mainly used for shelling the corn kernels from the corn ears after corn harvest. 
2. The corn threshing machine consists of a rack, chassis, roll axis and a network of protection.
3. The corn sheller can be favorable to the rush in the harvest season , saving labor costs and improving harvest efficiency. 
4. The main working parts of the corn sheller is installed on the machine rotor, through the rotor and the drum hit and threshing. It is more widely used types of threshing equipment.
5. The product structure is compact; Body small; The noise is small;
6. it is convenient disassembly, small floor space, quality assurance, easy to transport, the price preferential benefit.
7. the machine is much safe and reliable, family lighting power can work.


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